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Department of Physics

Embarking on a Journey of Scientific Exploration: The Department of Physics


In the year 2023, the Department of Physics at our esteemed institution was born with a resolute vision to impart exemplary education and ignite a fervor for scientific inquiry and logical reasoning among the students of Tezpur and its neighboring regions.


Our Mission:

  • Quality Education: We strive for excellence, nurturing curious minds and fostering a deep understanding of the fundamental principles that govern our universe.
  • Scientific Temperament: Through rigorous study and hands-on experiences, we cultivate a profound appreciation for the wonders of physics.
  • Logical Thinking: Our students develop analytical skills, enabling them to unravel complex phenomena and contribute meaningfully to scientific advancements.


Academic Offerings:

  • Currently, we offer a B.Sc. Four Year Degree Program accredited by Gauhati University. Our curriculum blends theoretical knowledge with practical applications, preparing students for a dynamic future.


Faculty Pioneers:

  • Our department was established by two dedicated assistant professors, both holding doctoral degrees. Their passion for physics fuels our academic endeavors.


Inaugural Batch:

  • The inaugural batch comprised 26 enthusiastic students, each eager to explore the mysteries of the physical world.


Infrastructure Highlights:

  • Digital Classroom: Equipped with a smartboard, our digital classroom fosters interactive learning.
  • Traditional Classroom: A whiteboard-equipped space for engaging lectures and discussions.
  • Laboratories: Two well-furnished laboratories provide hands-on experimentation and research opportunities.
  • Dark Room: Essential for optical experiments and investigations.
  • Teachers’ Common Room: A hub for collaboration, equipped with computers and resources.
  • Amenities: We ensure access to drinking water facilities and maintain a well stocked departmental library.


Our commitment to scientific excellence and holistic education drives us forward. As we continue our journey, we invite students, faculty, and enthusiasts alike to join us in unraveling the mysteries of the cosmos.