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Department of Mathematics

"Unlocking the Mysteries of the Universe through Numbers"


The Department of Mathematics in Tezpur College was introduced in the year 2023. The mathematics department is a vibrant and dynamic hub of intellectual activity, dedicated to the exploration and advancement of mathematical knowledge. It fosters an environment of rigorous academic inquiry and innovative research, offering a comprehensive curriculum that spans pure and applied mathematics, statistics, and computational mathematics. Through seminars, workshops, and colloquia, the mathematics department cultivates a rich academic community that inspires both personal and professional growth in the mathematical sciences.



The department boasts modern facilities, featuring state-of-the-art classrooms, computer labs, and a dedicated mathematics library. Utilizing a variety of teaching methods such as lectures, tutorials, and interactive classroom activities, we engage students and ensure they develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts.





The mission of the Mathematics Department at Tezpur College is to deliver top-tier mathematical education to students from a variety of backgrounds. We are dedicated to fostering a profound appreciation and comprehension of mathematical concepts, methods, and applications, while equipping our students with the analytical and problem-solving skills necessary for success in their chosen careers.





To establish Tezpur College as a top choice for students, and to rank among the top 10 colleges of the state. The department wants to establish itself as one of the best mathematical hub of Assam.





Following of the objectives of the department.

  • Excellent results from the students in University Examinations.
  • To send the students in various universities for pursuing masters.
  • To provide educational support for State and National level examinations like CUET, JAM, NET, SLET, Banking etc.
  • To prepare students to be effective and well-prepared with mathematical and computational skills for employment upon completing their degree.





The department has some long-term prospects. Some of them are

  • To organise National/International level workshop/seminar.
  • The department is interested in establishing a mathematical magazine.
  • To start Masters programme in the department.
  •  To start a Mathematical Research centre.