1. The students shall abide by the rules and regulations of the college.
  2. The students are liable to disciplinary actions like issuing compulsory transfer certificate and even expulsion from the college on violation of the rules and regulations of the college.
  3. The Students' Union shall function subject to the guidance and control of the college authorities.
  4. All power of maintenance of discipline are vested with the Principal and his/her decision shall be final in all matters.
  5. The Societies or Associations shall be subject to such guidance and control as the college administration may prescribe from time to time.
  6. Only such Societies or Associations as have been recognized by the Principal shall have the facilities of the college premises.
  7. All notices desired to be circulated by the students anywhere in the college and hostel premises shall require the approval of the Principal.
  8. Principal's Signature over the identity card shall be affixed within 15 days from the date of admission and bringing identity cards to college is compulsory for the students.
  9. Filled up registration forms should be submitted in the office within the stipulated time as fixed by college office. No registration form will be received after such time.
  10. For pass certificate from the college one has to apply one day ahead and for a transfer certificate application to be made at least two days ahead.
  11. Class attendance of a student should not be less than 75%.
  12. The following activities of the student in the college will be treated as serious offence.
  13. All powers for maintaining discipline are vested with the Principal and the disciplinary action committee and their decision shall be final in all such matters like-

    1. Encouraging and participation in ragging of any type.
    2. Forcible disruption of classes.
    3. Destructions of college properties like furniture, wall, fencings etc.
    4. Misbehavior shown towards fellow friends, teachers and Employee of the college.
    5. Forwarding any type of wrong information to the college authority.
    6. Every student must actively and positively participate in maintaining cleanliness of the campus of the college. The students must avoid any act, which may make the campus unclean.

  14. Students who bring vehicles, such as cycles, scooters etc. must park them at the students parking stand only. The students are expressly prohibited from the parking their vehicles at any other place.
  15. Smoking and consumption of tobacco, alcohol, gutkha or any other intoxicants within the college premises is strictly prohibited.
  16. Use of Mobile phone Inside the campus is strictly prohibited.
  17. Entering inside the college campus without uniform is strictly prohibited.

  1. Provision for merit scholarship for brilliant students.
  2. Names of the brilliant students will be recommended for financial assistance, scholarships to different organization and institutions.
  3. Free Computer Education to all First Divisioner of HSLC and HS examinations.
  4. Financial Assistance and facilities for eminent sports persons/artist to participate in the national and state level competitions.
  5. Free coaching classes and study materials for S.C. /S.T. and minority students under Remedial course.
  6. Facilities for adventure sports like Trekking, Mountaineering, Rafting, Angling cum Cycling etc.

05 (Five) numbers of Merit Scholarship are offered by Kedarmal Charitable Trust, Tezpur. The scholarship will cover the admission fee, tuition fee etc for the whole year for the students taking admission in the First Semester of Arts and Commerce 2015-16 session.

TDC Semester System
(important Points)

(i) Course Regulation -

  1. There will be six semesters covering 03 years.
  2. More weightage is given to internal assessment.
  3. Internal assessment / evaluation 20%
    External (end semester) evaluation = 80%
  4. There shall be at least one sessional examination in each semester.
  5. There is provision for clearance of absent or failed papers.
  6. There is provision for repeat of any one of theory papers in 1st , 2nd, 3rd, 4th semester, and may be allowed for (Betterment) of marks in one paper In 5th semester provided the student secures less than 45% of marks in that paper.